Peeling the Onion when it comes to choosing holiday accommodation

Have you ever peeled an onion – layer by layer?

Depending on who you speak with you will get a similar but different explanation – each layer you peel is revealing the next layer to be examined – and then you get to the core – which is the answer.

In our business of self-contained holiday accommodation and with a potential guest booking on-line, this is generally how it works.

Layer 1: choosing your destination

Layer 2: finding the website you like to book through, e.g. airbnb, tripadvisor etc

Layer 3: deciding on your budget

Layer 4: browsing the photos and clicking on the photos that catch your eye

Layer 5: Looking at facilities, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping arrangements, laundry and location

Layer 6: check reviews from previous guests regarding cleanliness, hosts, location

Layer 7: check availability on calendar

Core: make the booking.